Delays on Siem Reap’s terminal

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SIEM REAP, 17 March 2014: Officials acknowledge construction of the new Siem Reap International Airport terminal has been delayed for a third time due to a hold-ups in design and layout approval.

The airport chairman, Tek Reth Samrach, told local media that construction of the US$1 billion project should start this August.

“They already cleared the land of trees and obstacles, so maybe in August they will start construction,” he said.


The new terminal will be funded by a joint venture between two South Korean companies, Camco Airport Co and Lees A&A.

It will occupy more than 60 km of land between Chi Kraeng and Sotr Nikum districts, is expected to cater to 15 million passengers annually.

Siem Reap has consistently shown a strong growth rate over the last decade with just a couple of exceptions.

It has also suffered setbacks as European tourism markets declined due to unfavourable economic conditions in 2008, when actual passenger traffic decreased 11% and by 18% in 2009. But recovery was fast with a 26% growth in 2010 and 15% n 2011, when the airport returned to pre-crisis levels.

In 2012, Siem Reap traffic was up 22% compared to 13% at Phnom Penh as Siem Reap regained the distinction of Cambodia’s largest airport.

Last year, Siem Reap airport traffic was up 20% to 2.7 million passengers, while Phnom Penh traffic was up 15% to 2.2 million passengers.


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