Corruption in construction industry extremely high

Construction News

Corruption situation in the construction industry at present is getting severer with as high as one trillion baht lost to fraud each year.

Former Engineering Institute of Thailand President Tortrakul Yomnak admitted that corruption exists in construction society where bribery is normal in auctions for construction projects while those refusing to pay bribes have no choice but to leave the business since they are not welcomed by government officials.

The ex-president stressed that people working in the construction society from engineers, architects to project advisors must join hands against bribery while the National Anti Corruption Commission will be asked to issue certificates honouring those who join the forces against corruption practices.

Mr Tortrakul disclosed that at present corruption in construction projects do not take place in the auction process but does start since the appointment of project advisors who have the absolute control to demand benefits from related sides.

The veteran engineer revealed further that bribery in construction projects has risen from 10-30% previously to 41% of the construction value while the total premium paid ‘under table’ each year is as high as one trillion baht, both to the private and public sectors.

Mr Tortrakul then reported a survey that more people are eager to work in a procurement department since it is the channel for them to collect hidden benefits.


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