Construction of two power plants crucial to EGAT’s energy development

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EGAT Governor Kornrasit Pakchotanon
EGAT Governor Kornrasit Pakchotanon

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has reiterated the necessity of constructing two power plants in Krabi and Songkhla, saying Thailand’s energy sector requires the increased capacity.

EGAT Governor Kornrasit Pakchotanon said the plans to construct two power stations in Krabi and Songkhla’s Thepa are being discussed by a committee before being presented to the prime minister.

He said that the two proposed power plants are vital to the development of the country’s energy industry as Thailand can no longer rely on natural gas, the price of which is on an upward trend.

Without these two power stations, he said Thailand would have to import a lot more natural gas in the future due to increasing demand for electricity in the southern region.

In terms of renewable energy, he said EGAT will soon propose a plan to construct a biomass power plant to the Ministry of Energy.

The plant is expected to generate electricity at a stable rate, he said, adding that not only will it be one of the main power generators; it will also help local farmers increase their incomes.

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