Conergy, ATC Enviro to set up three solar plants

Construction News

Conergy and ATC Enviro Co plan to build three solar power plants with total capacity of 19 peak megawatts (MWp).

Conergy, an international solar-energy service provider in Thailand, will be responsible for the overall planning, engineering, design and component supply. It will collaborate with its long-standing local partner, Ensys Group, for the on-ground construction.

ATC Enviro belongs to the Symbior Solar group, a leading Asian solar photovoltaics (PV) developer with six projects of 30MW capacity in Thailand and 100MW in solar projects across Asia for implementation this and next year.

“Symbior’s outlook for solar PV continues to be very positive for Southeast Asia with Thailand being one of the fastest-growing markets for solar energy,” Florian Bennhold, chief executive of Symbior Solar, said yesterday.

“Conergy is a dedicated partner for Symbior with the expertise and experience in the region to build efficient and cost-effective solar projects.”

After the completion of this ground-mounted/free-field installation project in Prachin Buri, there will be two solar parks with installed capacity of 8MWp each located in Sri Maha Pho district and one more with installed capacity of 3MWp in Sri Mahosote district.

The two sites in Sri Maha Pho will each generate more than 11.68 gigawatt-hours per year, while the site in Sri Mahosote will generate more than 4.37GW-h per year. Together, these plants will supply about 28GW-h of clean electricity annually to local homes in the province.

The new solar installations will save about 17,000 tonnes of carbon-dioxide emissions. The 8MWp plants will be located on a 21.4-hectare property, while the 3MWp plant will lie on 4.6 hectares.

The plants will be equipped with 61,260 Conergy PE310P modules, ConergySigma II mounting systems and 19 central inverters.

Alexander Lenz, president of Conergy Asia and Middle East, said Thailand was committed to achieving ambitious renewable-energy goals and reducing dependence |on fossil fuels. Solar energy is integral to the success of the programme.

These projects with Symbior highlight solar’s growing recognition, he said. Visionary companies are active partners in meeting the goal of 20 per cent of the country’s electricity supply being produced from renewable sources by 2036.

Thailand is an ideal location for solar-power generation because of abundant year-around sunshine and the availability of suitable locations for the construction of solar power plants, Lenz said.

“Solar power can significantly decrease the use of fossil fuels and can therefore make a sizeable contribution to the reduction of [carbon-dioxide] emissions, thereby contributing to the creation of a more sustainable environment,” he said.