Condo developers on the fast track before the new Bangkok city plan effective in 2013

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To escape limitations under the new law which goes into effect in 2013, many firms are pressing ahead with their plans this year

Property firms have speeded up developing new condominium projects in Bangkok before the new Bangkok city plan becomes effective on May 15, 2013.

The new city plan will have provisions that limit the construction of condominium blocks.

For example, the new city plan says that high-rise construction with utilisation space of more than 10,000 square metres in a middle-density population area (orange colour code in the new city plan), in the central business districts will have to be located on a main road that is wider than 16 metres. In the current city plan, property firms can build high-rise residences with space utilisation of more than 10,000 square metres on a road only 10 metres wide.

The rule would mean that property firms can build high-rises on the main road only. They cannot build on land in a sub-road or in a soi. The exception is for locations in a radius of 500 metres from the Skytrain and underground train junctions.

Meanwhile, at locations termed high density population areas (yellow colour) space utilisation for high-rise residences has been cut from not more than 10,000 square metres to not more than 2,000 square metres on a road that has to be wider than 10 metres.

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