Chula graduate’s heartfelt message to his dad makes netizens cry



The heartfelt message from a recent graduate of Chulalongkorn University to his father, who is a garbage truck driver, tugged on the heartstrings of netizens today after his Facebook post became one of the feel-good, most-discussed stories of the day.

Klanarong Srisakul, who recently completed his engineering degree, wrote a message to thank his father for his hard work to support his tuition.

“My father does not have a fancy job. He is a garbage truck driver. When I was a kid, many times I felt ashamed of my father. Why didn’t he get to wear a cool soldier or police uniform like other people’s dads?”

“As we grew up together, we shared a dream. My dad only got a Prathom 4 education, so his dream is to see me study. He told me our family doesn’t have any fortune, but he could give me education. I wanted to be a soldier, but I did not pass the exam. I found out later that my father secretly cried. Back then, I never succeeded just once.”

Klanarong, however, didn’t let this setback affect him and he focused on a new path in life — to enroll at the best university in Thailand.

“When the result of the university entry examination was announced, my father took a day off to check it. When he found out that I got into Chulalongkorn University, he teared up. It was our family’s small proud moment.”

“Thank you for being my dad. Thank you for your support, hard work, and tears. Now I want you to be happy with our success that we worked on together. This son of a garbage truck driver now has made his dad proud! Don’t be ashamed of yourself, dad. You are one great father. I’m proud of you.”

The message has been featured on several Thai media websites and has also been shared over 8,000 times on Facebook.

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