Cambodia has wind energy potential, could generate up to 500 MW from wind turbines

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A wind turbine at Laem Phromthep, Phuket, Thailand, from a pilot project by EGAT

Cambodia has wind energy potential, could generate up to 500 MW from wind turbines

France-based Blue Circle has finished a feasibility study for a project to build wind turbines in the Kingdom, with results indicating investment should ensue.

The results of the study were presented during a meeting on Monday between company representatives and Suy Sem, the Minister of Mines and Energy.

“The study began last year. Now that it is complete we can see that Cambodia has potential for investment in wind turbines,” said Victor Jona, director-general of the energy department.

The study was conducted in Kampot, Preah Sihanoukville, and Mondulkiri provinces.

“If the company decides to invest, it will be the first wind farm in Cambodia,” Mr Jona said, adding that the turbines will be able to generate 63 megawatts once phase 1 of the project is complete.

He said the project will cost between $95 and $105 million, and the company will sell the power generated to Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) at a rate ranging from $0.076 to $0.081.

“Because wind is a renewable resource that does not harm to environment, we welcome this project and ask the company to negotiate a fare with EDC to move forward with the investment,” Mr Jona told Khmer Times yesterday.

“In principle, we agree to this project because we want green energy in the national grid. Currently, we generate power from hydropower dams and coal-fired plants.”

Blue Circle said Cambodia could generate up to 500 MW from wind turbines.

The company currently has investments in wind farms in Thailand and Vietnam.

Last year, Cambodia consumed 2,650 MW, a 15 percent increase compared to a year earlier. 442 MW were imported from Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos in 2018. The rest was produced in Cambodia from coal-fired plants, hydropower dams, and solar farms.

The ministry estimates that the country will see a 16.1 percent increase in the supply of electricity in 2019, reaching 2,870 MW.