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A contract-integrated system specifically designed for construction and engineering projects is currently being introduced in Asia Pacific.

The revolutionary, internet-based system can be specified in the particular conditions of contract and provides a real-time protocol for exchange and logging of contractual data between employers, project managers, contractors and subcontractors.

The system, called C-COM, is not a document management system – instead of requiring documents as input, the system is heavily forms driven – these online forms prompt users for relevant information and generate and transmit the appropriate documentation automatically. The intelligence required in order to generate such documentation is embedded in C-COM and has been developed by technology companies in conjunction with construction law experts.

C-COM’s application in terms of construction disputes is invaluable due to the fact that a detailed record is kept of specific work that has been carried out on a daily basis as well as various daily conditions on a given project. This means that determining what has happened after the event is made easier and more efficient.

C-COM’s key functionality can be explained within the context of the following processes:


Site Records:

The C-COM Site Diary allows for direct online submission of independently configured site diaries for multiple locations, disciplines or subcontracts. A built-in approval system notifies users when their electronic signature is required and updates submitters when their site diaries are accepted or rejected.

Powerful reporting facilities allow immediate access to a variety of flexible reports with MS Excel export facilities so that search and filter of data is available at the click of a mouse. Weather records, plant and labour statistics, data and material delivery can be searched for and reported on from years of data input at almost instant retrieval speeds.

The system features personalised triggers which users can setup to monitor and detect risk in the daily submitted site records. C-COM measures inputted data against thresholds and if the thresholds are exceeded, alerts are immediately sent to the relevant people via e-mail and/or SMS.


Risk Management:

In addition to automatically detecting risk, C-COM has a user-managed Risk Register which authorized users can add risks to. When a risk is added it is logged against a particular contract and described in detail, furthermore users can add supporting documentation or photos to risks.

Alerts are sent to subscribers whenever a new risk is added and now people can view the risk, add comments and suggest mitigation strategies.

Risks can easily be searched by keyword, severity rating, contract, etc. and results can be printed or output to Excel format.


Claims Administration:

C-COM understands the claims process for FIDIC and NEC contracts at present and support for a variety of Asia Pacific forms of contract are currently being developed. The system provides users with a platform for transmitting and receiving claim-related correspondence.

The claims administrator never acts automatically but provides continuous feedback to users within C-COM and by means of e-mail and/or SMS – urging users to act when action is required of them.

C-COM uses data from risks or events to automatically generate notices when instructed and then sends the notices via e-mail to all necessary recipients. Once a notice has been sent C-COM automatically creates a task for the appropriate user to complete the next step as required by the contract. C-COM tracks all time bars and escalates tasks which must be performed when they are close to being time barred.

Since C-COM is specified for all claim related exchanges it can provide real-time commercial reporting for any contract it is used on.


Storage and Retrieval:

Being a cloud based system all data is securely stored and is accessible to all authorised users on a real time basis from site level up to head office and provides an excellent data base if forensic examination is required in dispute resolution.

The system is available in a number of varieties, including a “Lite” package which excludes claim­ related facilities and instead focuses on site data and risk detection, communication and management. C-COM has been developed by Contract Communicator Systems and is marketed and distributed in Asia Pacific by Plus 3 Consultants.


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