BioAmber, Mitsui and Mitsubishi Chemical consider constructing succinic acid manufacturing plant in Thailand

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BioAmber to Supply Biobased Succinic Acid to Mitsubishi Chemical

BioAmber, a renewable chemistry firm, has signed strategic agreement with Mitsubishi Chemical to supply of biobased succinic acid.

Under the terms of the agreement, BioAmber and Mitsui, a distribution partner of BioAmber, will supply succinic acid to Mitsubishi Chemical. BioAmber, Mitsui and Mitsubishi Chemical are jointly performing a feasibility study to construct a succinic acid manufacturing plant in Thailand.

The succinic acid technology of Mitsubishi will be integrated with bio-based succinic platform. The main objective of the partnership is to generate low-cost succinic acid, which in turn will help reduce the manufacturing cost of polybutylene succinate (PBS). PBS is a biodegradable and renewable polymer produced by Mitsubishi Chemical.

BioAmber has started the supply of biobased succinic acid manufactured in Europe and has received rights to use Mitsubishi Chemical’s PBS for advanced PBS polymers. These polymers are distributed via BioAmber’s subsidiary, Sinoven Biopolymers.

The world-class succinic acid technology from BioAmber will reduce the cost of biobased PBS and will make the material more than 50% renewable. In addition, the partnership will hasten the PBS sales growth.


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