BIM technology by PPS One Works – The next move for Thailand’s construction sector

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Dr.Phongton Tarachai CEO of project planning service

BIM technology by PPS One Works – The next move for Thailand’s construction sector

21 December 2018

A city can’t be built in a day. Indeed, cities around the world never stop engineering with continuously evolving technology and innovations in project delivery.

Take Milan for example. It is a metropolitan city integrating “Transit Oriented Development” as part of a strategic urban development plan to create a dynamic place where people and communities exist in harmony with their environment and with each other.

Such visions have given rise to a worldwide inspiration to apply “BIM” (Building Information Modelling), a cutting-edge technology facilitating workers in relevant fields of engineering, architecture, construction, and real estate development. This includes making changes to development plans, especially pertaining to projects already completed.

Thailand’s Italian Ambassador His Excellency Mr. Lorenzo Galanti

“InnoCon Bangkok 2018” seminar by PPS One Works Co., Ltd.  in collaboration with The Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT) and Thailand Construction Association (TCA) was organised to discuss and debate the direction of construction technology and how BIM is driving the country forward. Construction industry experiences, setbacks and solutions and their contributions to Thailand’s pioneering organisations in real estate development fields were all shared. For instance, A49, Thai Obayashi, and Ananda Development were cited as early adopters of BIM technology, as indeed were global design company, One Works and MM (Metropolitana Milano).

“With our expertise in engineering and construction project management, we encourage our clients to realise the value of BIM as a technology that creates worthwhile benefits not only for projects under construction but completed projects undergoing renovation,” said Dr. Phongthon Tharachai, CEO Project Planning Service, PPS One Works Co., Ltd, adding that the support covers the beginning of the project to big data storage for future reference.

PPS One Works is a joint-venture company providing architectural and engineering design solutions integrated with quantity surveying, building information modelling, and technical supports. The emerging partnership with One Works, a successful global Italian design and consultancy firm specialised in integrated approaches to architecture, infrastructure, and urban development, strengthens the business in order to serve a wider range of construction projects with fully-integrated world-standard management.

PPS Group alone has so far completed over 400 projects nationwide, including ICONSIAM, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Supreme Court of Thailand, and MTP Interconnecting Natural Gas Pipeline Project. Meanwhile, One Works has successfully completed national scale aviation, transportation, urban design and building projects around the world.

Worldwide spending on AR and VR products and services is expected to reach US$12.1 billion in 2018, according to International Data Corp. The rise in demand over previous years reflects the application of AR and VR in commercial real estate projects in the US.Virtualisation and augmented reality are part of BIM technology which usually assists developers, architects, brokers, and builders in leasing and construction.

“BIM technology offers customers more than just 3D/4D modeling and fabulous presentation,” said Kelvin Koh, Managing Director at PPS One Works.

“The benefits of BIM, through  platforms such as ‘BIM Keeper’ and ‘BIM Viewer’, allow project owners to retrieve recorded data about leasing and products and services used by price, model, and store location. Moreover, in the near future the information will be available anywhere, in real time.  After project owners lodge their building consent applications at Bangkok District Offices, Internet of Things (IoT) could allow construction data contained in the BIM Library to be linked to the database at the Bangkok District Office. Such information is even more useful in the event of fire or crime when building layout and structure are necessary in the rescue plan.”

“In larger-scale developments, BIM will provide significant technical support tools, particularly in Transit-Orientated Developments. As complex environments can be modelled within the wider context, opportunities for further development can be easily identified and shared. With the large amounts of data readily at hand, expansion projects can be costed and assessed much more easily.”

“Khon Kaen Smart City is among the national level development plans to leverage areas along the railway line to make a bigger contribution to future economic growth. BIM technology can assist advanced planning for developing the empty area and existing town layout. Big Data is connected to the entire industrial network and can easily be accessed, helping to facilitate changes of plans going forward.”

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