BCPG finalises solar roof system plans for Thailand residential projects

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BCPG’s solar roof system is scheduled to be installed at SC Asset’s residential projects in the fourth quarter

BCPG finalises solar roof system plans for Thailand residential projects

19 April 2019

BCPG, the renewable power arm of Bangchak Corporation, has completed an agreement with property developer SC Asset to design, install and manage a solar roof system with blockchain technology for local residential projects.

BCPG plans to launch Sun Share in the fourth quarter of 2019, with SC Asset’s Neighborhood Bangkadi, a townhouse and single-detached house project in Pathum Thani, serving as the pilot project for this plan.

The Neighborhood Bangkadi consists of seven residential projects with 1,800 units. SC Asset has already developed two projects.

Sun Share allows houses to sell their surplus power from the solar roof system via blockchain technology within the communities.

Bandit Sapianchai, BCPG’s president, said the company will install solar panels for houses and sport buildings, developing blockchain technology to optimise power management at residential projects.

BCPG will start installation in the third quarter, he said.

Residents can buy and sell electricity automatically via the blockchain platform, no installation fee is required.

“The Sun Share project will promote a circular economy framework because every power generator will be used and exchanged without any surplus or spare output,” said Mr Bundit.

Nuttaphong Kunakornwong, chief executive of SC Asset, said residents gain two direct benefits: savings on their monthly power bills from using solar panels and trading electricity via blockchain shared electric ledger, which has a cheaper power fee per unit.

“If residents do not use power during the daytime or when they are not at home, they can sell the surplus to their neighbours and sport complexes that do consume power in the daytime,” said Mr Nuttaphong.

In addition, SC Asset and BCPG will further develop blockchain to link with SC Asset’s Baan Rue Jai mobile app to facilitate residents in the future.
“We expect electricity from solar panels at our projects will not be wasted or lost because we plan to create a green framework that is low-cost and low-carbon for sustainability,” he said.

Pichai Chunhavajira, BCPG’s chairman, said it is conducting a feasibility study to develop a wind power farm with a capacity of 600 megawatts overseas.

The study is expected to be completed by September, he said.

BCPG sets a long-term target for wind power to reach 1,000MW across Asia-Pacific within five years, up from 60MW.

The company is focusing more on wind and biomass because they have longer hours of power generation than solar.

BCPG has 571MW of renewable power on hand across Asia-Pacific, of which 381MW is in operation and 190MW is under development.

Source: https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/news/1663692/bcpg-finalises-solar-roof-system-plans