Bangkok’s wastewater treatment system due for revamp

Construction News

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is expediting plans to construct over 100 new septic tanks and cesspools in the capital’s Chatuchak, Bang Sue and Dusit districts in preparation for a new underground wastewater system.

The BMA’s Department of Drainage and Sewerage is rerouting the sewage pipe system in areas which include Prachachuen Road and Pracharat 1-2 in a bid to divert wastewater to the new treatment facility in Bang Sue.

Wastewater will be separated from rain water and surface water before being treated through the system. The project is part of the drive to clean up major canals, such as Bang Sue and Bang Khen Canals, as well as limiting flows of wastewater released into the Chao Phraya River.

The construction of the septic tanks and cesspools is due to finish in 2014. Once the system runs at full capacity, the facility will be able to treat up to 80,000 cubic meters of contaminated water per day.  


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