Bangkok’s controversial Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal 2 plans

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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok’s controversial Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal 2 plans

5 September 2019

With plans to build a second terminal at the Bangkok airport given the go-ahead in the first half of 2019, are they still on track to complete in the expected timeframe?.

In a bid to increase capacity to handle the number of passengers travelling in and out of the country’s main gateway every day; despite recent concerns and ongoing disputes, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has insisted the construction of this second terminal is still do go ahead, regardless over concerns of its location.

Where is the new terminal set to be built?

The original plans dictate that the new terminal is to be located on the south side of the airport, however Airports of Thailand have consistently supported the new building to be erected as an extension from the existing north-eastern wing.

Recently the Association of Siamese Architects spoke in opposition to the 42-billion-baht plan to build a second terminal, stating that in their opinion it would not benefit passengers or ease overcrowding. However, despite this, Thailand’s transport minister has decided to still go ahead with the project but the build with be moving to the north-eastern wing instead.

What about its controversial design?

Another sticking point that has played a part in delaying this impressive build is it’s very controversial design. The architecture firm in charge of the integral design process has come under fire recently, after comments were made over concerns around the designs origins. The internal theme pays homage to Thailand’s lush green landscapes and cascading waterfalls, a vision that would certainly impress any travellers who make their way in and out of the new terminal building.

However, eagled eyed commenters have noticed key similarities to a project by top Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma. The firm have of course, denied the claims telling The Standard, “I didn’t copy anyone else’s work. those who follow my work will know that I created a similar image in my previous designs, such as for a hotel in Sri lanka.”

When it is likely to be complete?

With many objections to the design and its final location so up in the air, it’s unknown when the project is likely to begin, let alone be complete. As multiple organisations and associations are still voicing their objections to the build for reasons such as it being a wasteful addition to the existing airport thanks to the high speed train project, which links Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports in Bangkok and U-tapao airport in Rayong, which combined, will accommodate between 100 and 120 million passengers a year; it’s difficult to say whether the project will 100% go ahead.

If it does; the new airport terminal is likely to be a breath-taking piece of architecture, which will serve millions of travelers each day, make Bangkok airport transfers easier and slicker and turnover a substantial amount of money.