Bangkok's Airport Link check-in system launched

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Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport’s Airport Link has launched its full operations as its check-in service was opened for the first time, while passenger fares are now at full-fare level after a four-month reduced-fee introductory operation period.

Airline passengers now may use the new check-in and baggage handling service systems at the City Air Terminal, also known as Makkasan Station, for Thai Airways International (THAI) and Bangkok Airways.

More airlines are expected to set up check-in counters in the future.

Passengers may check in 3-12 hours before their scheduled departure time. After check-in they may use the Express Line which provides a 15-minute non-stop journey between Makkasan and the airport.

However, few passengers are using the new check-in services on the first day.

Together with Airport Link service being fully operational Tuesday, fares were increased.

Fares for the City Line, which cost a flat fee Bt15 per trip during the promotional period, have been adjusted from a Bt15 minimum fare to Bt45, the depending on distance.

City Line, departing from Phaya Thai Station, takes 30 minutes to reach the airport as it makes eight stops across the capital to take passengers.

The Express Line shuttle between Makkasan station and Suvarnabhumi airport is now Bt150 per passenger, up from the promotional fare of Bt100.

The 28km rail link connects Suvarnabhumi Airport on the eastern approaches of the capital and the City Air Terminal in Bangkok‘s Makkasan area, shortening travel times for inbound and outbound air travellers as well as easing arrivals and departures compared to other modes of airport transport.

After long delays in construction and several test runs, the Airport Link began commercial services Aug 23 with special discount fares offered until the end of last year, and the direct check in service system began today.

State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Governor Yutthana Thapcharoen said during the first several months of trials, the City Line was popular as 47,000 passengers were record as peak per day.

He believed the fare adjustment will not affect the eventual number of passengers as it is considered lower than other countries and cheaper when compared with other transportation to Suvarnabhumi airport.

The governor said he believed that full operations will generate a minimum Bt1 million daily for SRT and the passenger load will achieve 50,000 rides per day. (MCOT online news)

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