Bangkok sets to increase city’s green space

Construction News

BANGKOK, 2 January 2015 — The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) aims to increase the green space in the city, as the planning phase of the construction of 9 parks in 2016 has been completed, said a spokesperson.


According to the spokesperson of the BMA Treedao Aphaiwong, the BMA is planning to increase up to 1,350 rai of green space per year during 2015-2016. The plan will see the construction of nine parks in Bangkok to provide a green space for the public to exercise and relax.

The nine parks include the Watcharapirom Park and Dog Park situated at the Watcharapol Junction, the Chareon Phirom Park in Bangplad District, the Suwinthawong Soi 47 Park in Nongjok District, His Majesty The King’s Honorary Park in Celebration of the Royal Occasion of His Majesty’s 84th Birthday, the Bunglampai Park in Min Buri District, the Phetkasem Soi 69 Park (Bangbon 3), the Bung Lam Praya Park Ratcha-utid road, the Natural Park at the Bangkok Development Station (Beachside Bangkhuntien Road), and the Romklao Community Housing Park in Ladkrabung District.

She said that all nine parks, mainly situated in the residential area of Bangkok, are scheduled to be opened to the public within 2016.


The BMA spokesperson has also pointed that the BMA has increased more green space than initially planned in 2013-2014. 980 rai of green space was added in 2013, while an additional 1,459 rai was added in 2014.


Bangkok’s current green space is about 19,300 rai of green space in the city, with the ratio of 5.46 square meters per person, while the BMA planned to increase the ratio to 5.76 square meters per person within 2015.