Bangkok Industrial Gas in Bt1-billion expansion at its complex in Chon Buri

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Bangkok Industrial Gas (BIG), a joint venture between US-based Air Products and Chemicals and leading Thai investors, has set aside Bt1 billion to expand integrated facilities at its industrial-gas complex in the Hemraj Chon Buri Industrial Estate.

Currently, the air-separation unit at the complex has the capacity to produce 500 tonnes of liquefied gases per day.

Upon completion of the expansion project, the daily capacity will be boosted to 920 tonnes in 2015, giving the plant the largest liquefied-gas capacity in Thailand, while also strengthening BIG’s position as the country’s biggest producer of industrial gases.

The facility features best-in-class production technologies and environmentally friendly operational practice as standard.

BIG managing director Piyabut Charuphen said the company had decided to upgrade its air-separation unit to increase liquefied industrial-gas production capacity and enjoy economy of scale, with comprehensive industrial-gas solutions and services integrated in the Kingdom’s largest industrial-gas complex.

One of the complex’s advantages is its strategic location in the heart of the Eastern region, where manufacturing clusters are located.

“This will enable us to help local industrial manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness driven by a reliable and full range of gas supply to fulfil various industrial uses, greater cost- effectiveness, lower transportation costs and effective supply-chain management that helps shorten time to markets” he said.

Bruce A Schult, general manager, Merchant Gases International at Air Products and Chemicals, said the complex represented another milestone proving Air Products’ continuous success in Asia.

Moreover, BIG’s operational success would contribute to the country’s economic development as the facility will promote Thailand’s competitive advantages in the global arena, given that industrial gases are significant production factors of most industries, he added.

With Air Products’ innovative sustainable offerings and operational excellence in deployment, BIG is ready to support the Thai manufacturing sector, especially in the country’s fastest-rising industries, such as automotive and parts, metal, and medical services.

This is significant for promoting Thailand’s as an investment hub with great business potential in Asia and the rest of the world.

BIG’s integrated industrial-gas complex produces various types of gases critical to many manufacturing and services industries. Among them is oxygen, mostly used in the healthcare and medical-service industry, which needs supply consistency and a high level of safety standard, as well as in glass- and steelmaking and wastewater treatment.

The complex also produces nitrogen, mostly used in the frozen products, foods, petrochemicals, electronics and automotive industries; and hydrogen, mostly used in increasing efficiency in the desulfurisation process of the oil refining industry or as an alternative green energy for vehicles and public transportation.

Other products

Other gases offered at the complex are argon, carbon dioxide and mixed gases for special, tailored demand.

Piyabut said that as a market leader with strong expertise in Thailand’s industrial-gas market, BIG is ready to bring innovations, state-of-the-art technologies and know-how of the world’s leader, Air Products and Chemicals, to help the Thai industrial sector increase production efficiency while achieving balance of environment, quality of life and community development in the long run.

“The industrial sector will be ready to successfully face any changes and take any environmental challenges, which leads to enhanced competitiveness and economic strength for customers and the country’s industrial sector,” he added.


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