ID cards for children issued from July 10


Authorities are preparing to visit schools from next week to issue national identification cards for children aged between seven and 14 years old there.

“Such preparations are included in our implementation plans,” Department of Provincial Administration (DPA) deputy director-general Niran Kanlayanamit said yesterday.

Starting from July 10, district offices will also issue national identification cards for children. The move is in response to the 2011 National Identification Card Act, which requires that Thais aged between seven and 70 years carry the cards.

Of the Thai population, about 8 million are between seven and 14 years old. Before this act takes effect, only Thais above 15 years old age were required to carry national ID cards.

“It will be easier for children to access government services. They can just produce their national identification cards alone. No need to carry birth certificates and household registrations,” Niran said, “It will also lower the risk of Thai children’s identity being stolen by alien children”.


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