Who sells or distributes solar panels for home use in Thailand?


We recently received an email from a reader enquiring:

“Do any of your members know of a reliable company from which I can purchase, import solar panels and ancillary equipments, as I have a “Plan” to make the house I am going to build for retirement…”? Does anybody know? Don’t think I’ve ever seen any company selling solar panels for home useage.

There was recently a warning issued by Thailand’s Deputy Energy Permanent Secretary Kurujit Nakornthap, that Thailand must diversify the fuel it uses to generate electricity, or else domestic gas resources could dry up in about two decades, so why isn’t the Thai Government pushing the sales of solar panels for both homes and business usage; why doesn’t the Government reduce solar panel prices and make it compulsory that all new built homes and businesses from say the start of 2012 MUST incorporate solar panels in order to reduce usage from Thailand’s electricity grid?  

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Who sells or distributes solar panels for home use in Thailand?

  1. Hi there,

    A good company is Save Energy Asia. It is a UK / Thai joint venture and they do most things from Energy Audits to supplying and installing the solar systems. I have used them on a few building projects and they are very reliable.

    Person to contact is Mr. David Green
    Tel 0845 267930
    website is http://www.saveenergyasia.com
    save energy asia dot com

  2. Dear All,

    we need solar panels to generate power at a remote station. It would be a stand alone power system (solar panels, charge controller, battery’s, inverter 2 kW

    If you’re able to offer us such equipmen, please reply to this message ASAP.

    Thank you in advance and best regards,
    Dieter Reinhard

    Marinetech Ltd.
    System Integration

  3. I have been living in northern Thailand for over four years after my retirement. As most people said, I find difficult a shop in Nakon Phanmon selling solar panels products etc. I deeplyt hope the government could explore this possibility.

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