Methods to Get The Price Of Building A House In Thailand For You To Retire To


Methods to Get The Price Of Building A House In Thailand For You To Retire To

I am going to describe two distinctive methods of obtaining a price for a building project in Thailand.

1. Via Unit Rates In Order To Assess The Price Of Construction.

Utilizing a Rate/metre squared, that is to say Baht/m2, is the primary and most easy method to arrive at an idea of the cost for constructing your retirement home in Thailand. The rate/m2 for constructing homes in Thailand differ depending upon the position in Thailand and the quality of the construction. There are other factors that change the degree of the unit rates, but there are usually no other options to consider to allow for them. For case in point, the cost varying house builders offer varies significantly and can vary, for instance, on whether or not they have plenty of work ‘in hand’.

Finding unit rates for property in Thailand can be hard – the author has not come across a source of ‘official’ unit rates, but a few are to be found on a variety of Thai Forums. They are suitable to use as a guide only.

The author got in touch with largest and most visible Thai architect/Construction Company in Bangkok, Thailand, recently and they provided a guide unit rate of 15,000 to 20,000 Baht per square meter for the house I want to build.

You might wish to change the reported 15k to 20k Baht/square metre to a rate based on the currency of your own nation and compare it to unit rates for the location where you live. For example I presently live in the United Kingdom where the currency is the £ (GBP). The stated rate (15k to 20k Baht/square metre ) equals three hundred to four hundred £ /meter squared in comparison with the standard rate for the area and quality of home we wish to build in Thailand of roughly speaking a thousand pounds /metre squared. That is to say that building in Thailand is thirty to fourty pc of the cost of constructing in the United Kingdom.

A very valuable and educational spreadsheet named the “Build Cost Guide” is accessible for free download from the Home Building and Renovation website. It presents a table of unit rates for property in England and covers all areas of the country. The unit rates are grouped by class of construction, number of floors and m2 of floor area.

The construction price of a home is calculated by multiplying the unit rate by the complete floor area of the house under assessment.

There is no need to locate or engage a construction company if you are utilising the unit rates approach to estimate the cost of constructing your residence.

There is an added disadvantage in the unit rate technique because it is an overall rate and ought not be used for non similar areas of a house if those areas are completely different in format.

By way of example my planned retirement property in Pakchong, Thailand, has totally different ground and first floor configurations. The home is based on a traditional Thai post residence where the 2nd floor which contains the living accommodation is held up on twelve posts or columns and is approximately 3 meters higher than the ground floor level. The ground level itself is half left unfilled for development in future and the other 50 % is purely a walled area to form a store. Clearly the same unit rate should not be used for both floors. (Unless the unit rate was based on a similar configuration of accommodation)

If the basis for the rate per square metre in the beginning was for a property like my own with the open zones adopted, or if it was for a development with a larger %age of real living area, I actually have no idea. And that’s the issue I have in applying the rate per square meter.

Whichever way I try to apply the rate per square metre I’m probably going to be incorrect as a result of not knowing the starting point for the rate in the beginning. In truth unit rates don’t go into that much detail. They are merely prices taken throughout a variety of buildings and structural arrangements.

This means they can only give you a ball-park idea of the probable price of your home compared to the normal cost of similar properties of similar size and should not form the basis of a precise cost based on the exact arrangement of your house.

2. Finding A Builder’s Estimate In Thailand For Building A Building Using Architectural House Plans

An alternative to adopting rates/m2 is to get hold of a price to put up your retirement building in Thailand from a construction company. This is ordinarily based on a set of layout drawings that you have had produced for the property.

Clearly, the more correct and comprehensive the layouts, the more precise the price will be. Further documents might in addition be furnished to augment the drawings and these comprise a Scope of Works describing the shape of the project (not often issued in Thailand) and Schedules. The Schedules are typically a schedule of finishes, lists of doors, ironwork and so on.

There are 3 main difficulties with this method.

i) Obtaining The Drawings And Extra Documents

I was able to turn out my own Computerized plans and Documents for my planned retirement property in Thailand as I’m fortunate in that I am capable of using CAD software and I am familiar with building design.

To start me with preparing my own property drawings I found some already created Thai property plans in pdf and AutoCAD format from the Thai Government website. I decided on one of the properties that I liked and made it larger in size by adding to it. This is a good deal quicker than starting from a blank sheet of paper.

If you are put off by this approach you will have to get hold of a person to put together the house drawings on your behalf. Should you make an effort to get hold of a Thai Architect to perform this for you then you are likely to experience the same problems that I did, especially if you are not resident in Thailand.

Firstly getting hold of an Architect in Thailand when you are outside of the country is not simple. I contacted several Architectural companies that I found via the Internet and only one company responded properly to my enquiries.

Secondly, how do you describe to a designer what you wish for? This is especially difficult (not on?) if you aren’t in a position to get together in the same room as the designer and brainstorm suggestions and solutions. Undertaking that through the web from another country is almost unachievable.

B) Thai Builders Usually Don’t Understand The English Language Very Well

Even though it is not difficult to come across a Thai translator who will be able to translate text schedules for you, it is not easy to locate a person who can easily translate English to the Thai language inside a Autocad file. Besides being able to do the translation, they must also know how to manipulate the CAD software, and own it.

A further method to attempt is to have the translator to translate the English language specialist sentences on the plans onto a new Word file. Following this approach they are not forced to have access to the AutoCAD software.

Once more, far less difficult to accomplish if you are located in Thailand beside the translator and construction company.

– Construction Companies In Thailand Can Pick And Choose Their Projects Due To The Ongoing Construction Boom

My wife contacted at least 6 building companies in Thailand and requested them to give us a quotation for building our project. Just two came back with a estimate which was twice what we were expecting! It would seem they are all engaged on massive projects to care about our tiny little house. Therefore locating a builder in Thailand to prepare a cost estimate for you may not be so simple.

How did we come across the builders to get the quotes from? Literally by asking people. My wife would chat up the owners of new houses, greet them, praise them on living in such a picturesque house and then inquire who the building company was! The Security Guard at the apartment we were staying in at Pak Chong was a pleasant chap and by talking to him, he said that he was friendly with a couple of house builders who would be able to give an estimate. In the end, even though they obtained the information from us (via the Security Guard), they never sent us a quotation.

It transpired that our pleasant Security Guard who so willingly contacted the local construction companies to get hold of an approximate estimate from would be expecting a commission of 10 percent of the construction cost if we used one of ‘his’ house builders to put up the house.

About the Author (Alan Brown)

Is the quoted average price for building a house in Thailand – 15,000 Baht per Square metre to 20,000 Baht/m2 realistic? Well, to check this I did some research on the Internet. Here are some reported unit rates of the cost for building a house in Thailand.


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