BTS to raise fare in few months

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The Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company (BTS) has announced that it will raise its fare in a few months’ time to keep pace with rising labor and maintenance costs.

As a result of the approximately 70-80 percent increase in costs like electricity, labor, and maintenance, BTS fare will rise in the next few months. However, how much the fare will be increased is still under the BTS board’s consideration.

According to the BTS, it has not raised fare since 2005, while the concession contract sets a fare ceiling of 18-51 baht per trip which is 25% higher than the current rate. However, if the new fare is to be imposed, an announcement will be made 30 days in advance.

On Myanmar’s plan to reduce gas production for annual maintenance, the BTS is confident that the plan should not affect its operation as BTS trains only use a small amount of electricity while it has a backup generator in case of emergency.

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