How to attract Thai Nationals to Thailand Construction News (TCN) – welcome your ideas


(1) Thailand Construction News (TCN) E-Newsletter, (2) the website and now (3) the Thailand Construction News LinkedIn Group are all aimed at construction and engineering professionals working in or with an interest in Thailand.

To the best of my knowledge, website ranks in the top 10 in Google for searches of Thailand + Construction (I’m working on improving the Google ranking for search of Thailand + Engineering).

The three are all aimed at Thai Nationals AND Expats, but for some reason it is very hard to introduce and attract Thai Nationals.

So how to attract Thai nationals?

Do you have any ideas, any Thai-language websites that we should know about that we could use to let Thais know of our website.

Could you let the Thai nationals in your company know about TCN – why not send them an email link to website and Thailand Construction News LinkedIn Group.

I’d be particularly interested if any Thais could post suggestions.

What do you think people?

1 thought on “How to attract Thai Nationals to Thailand Construction News (TCN) – welcome your ideas

  1. To attract Thai National’s to TCN, I think it would be advantages to have TCN in their own local language too as part of bridging cross communication.
    Most Thai nationals are perhaps reluctant to engage in what others may think about their ability to communicate in the English language, even though many are reasonable capable.
    Google translate has helped bridge this gap, as seen on other social media platforms, however it’s not perfect.
    If TCN was bilingual in this way, to functionally cross-communicate socially, as an industry social platform, then they’re more than likely to embrace and become members.
    Just Idea, I know it sounds politically and culturally correct, but you can also see this when socialising with Thai National s from the engineering trade who are usually reluctant to socialize with foreigners in public.

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