Japan to provide ¥47 billion for two Myanmar infrastructure projects

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A file image of workers doing maintenance on railway line in Yangon. Photo – EPA

Japan to provide ¥47 billion for two Myanmar infrastructure projects

For first phase of Yangon-Mandalay Railway Improvement Project and third phase of Thilawa Special Economic Zone infrastructure development

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Myanmar’s government on Tuesday agreed to official development assistance (ODA) loans to contribute to economic and social development through improvements to the railway system and electricity supply.

JICA signed the loan agreements with the government to provide the ODA loans of up to a total of ¥47.94 billion (K607.3 billion) for the two projects.

Of the total, ¥40.6 billion will be used for the first phase of the Yangon-Mandalay Railway Improvement Project, while ¥7.33 billion will be for a third phase of infrastructure development in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone.

The Yangon-Mandalay Railway Improvement Project is to improve the capacity of railway transportation by rehabilitating and modernising the existing railway and related facilities from Yangon to Toungoo in part of the Yangon-Mandalay Railway thereby contributing to the economic development of Myanmar. The project’s construction work is expected to be completed by 2023.

The infrastructure development in Thilawa is to strengthen the electricity supply capacity of Myanmar by additionally installing combined cycle facilities at the Thilawa Thermal Power Plant in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, thereby contributing to economic and social development. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

The Japanese development agency will continue to support Myanmar’s infrastructure and economic development, Sakakura Noriji, the new chief representative at JICA Myanmar, said last week.

JICA will continue to promote private investment, infrastructure development, education and human resource development in Myanmar, Sakakura Noriji, Noriji said.

In January, JICA signed loan agreements totaling ¥120.9 billion yen with Myanmar for four projects – the Yangon Sewerage System Development Project, Yangon Urban Development Project, Urban Area Power Distribution Improvement Project, and Regional Infrastructure Improvement Project.

Source: https://www.mmtimes.com/news/japan-provide-y47-billion-two-infrastructure-projects.html