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How To Create A Listing in the Directory

Here are some basic Steps in how to list:

  1. To list in our directory, first Register (to Register, ‘Go to Create an Account’ in the ‘Member Log In’ box in the left-side column) and you can have your listing submitted within minutes.
  2. Once registered, simply Log In and you will see a ‘Members Menu’ in the left-hand column, with an option to ‘Add Listing to TCN Directory’. Click on the link to ‘Add Listing to TCN Directory’ and a form will appear.
  3. At the top of the form click the ‘Change Category’ button and a drop-down list of categories will appear.
  4. Then, for example, click in the drop-down list to highlight ‘TCN Directory’, then in the dropdown list click to highlight a Category of say ‘Consultants‘, then a drop-down list of Sub-categories will appear so choose one, say ‘Quantity Surveyors’. If that is the only sub-category you wish to list in, then click the ‘Update Categories’ button and go to Step 8 [NOTE: It is advisable that if your wish to list in more than one sub-category, that you choose the sub-category of your preference as that will be your main listing and all other listings will be secondary listings].
  5. If you wish to add more sub-categories click ‘Also appear in this category’ button, select another sub-category say ‘Contract Manager’ and either click the ‘Update Categories‘ button if you have finished selecting or if you wish to add more sub-categories click ‘Also appear in this category‘ button. If you incorrectly choose a sub-category, then click on its ‘Remove‘ button [NOTE: the drop-down lists should appear after a few seconds for your to highlight in every step, but if they do not, then click on the ‘back’ button in the drop-down list to activate].
  6. You can choose up to 10 sub-categories to list in.
  7. If there is not a Category or Sub-category you require, after you have completed the submission of your listing contact us with the details of the Category or Sub-category you require and we will arrange the update for you.
  8. Then fill in the form boxes with your company’s details.
  9. When you have filled everything in, go to the top left side of the form and click the ‘Submit‘ button under ‘Add Listing’ title. A message will then appear of “Thank you for your submission. Your Listing will be reviewed shortly by our Administrator and added to our directory once it is approved” and an internal message will then be sent to our Administrator to check and approve your listing; we will then contact you to confirm the details on the finished listing are to your satisfaction.

Note that if you encounter any problems with loading in your details – like any system, it’s easy when you know how – and would prefer our assistance to load your listing, or if your details do not load as you would want them to, or if there is not a Category or Sub-category you require, contact us with the details and we will help.


Free Listing

We offer a FREE standard listing, which allows you to include:

  • Only your Company name (it clicks-through to your website) will show in the sub-categories of your choosing.


Standard Listing

Cost per First Year = Only Baht 268 per month (Baht 3,210 per annum)

Cost per each Subsequent Year = Only Baht178  per month (Baht 2,140 per annum)


  • Direct customer contact form – New enquiries sent directly to your email inbox
  • Add your listing in up to 10 different sub-categories
  • Full page description of your Company/Organization/Product/Service including all contact details
  • List all your areas of products or services
  • Fast track approval of your listing submission


Featured Listing

Cost per each Year = Only Baht 535 per month (Baht 6,420 per annum)



  • Your Featured Listing entry can include images and/or your company logo.
  • Added to our Featured Listings Search option
  • Your Featured Listing entry will appear above all Free Listing and Standard Listing directory entries in the directory list guaranteeing that your company will be seen – BE FOUND FIRST!
  • Your Featured Listing entry will have a coloured background to make it standard out from all Free Listing and Standard Listing directory entries.
  • Only Featured Listing entrys will appear on the Categories webpages, for example, refer to Quantity Surveying Consultants Ltd’s featured listing on the ‘Consultants’ category webpage in the Directory:
  • Your Featured Listing entry will also feature in our E-newsletter to reach an immediate and wide audience.
  • We will issue your PDF Advertorial by email to all of our E-newsletter subscribers.