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Advertising your brand, company, products or services on offers you access to key professionals in the construction industries, in Thailand, S.E. Asian countries and throughout the World.

We know of no better medium to advertise if you want direct access to attract the key decision makers in your market.

Advertise on through any of the following different advertisement positions using rich media to ensure your promotion gets seen by the right people in your market.

Web banners are not only useful for getting traffic to your site through people clicking on them, but they also provide brand exposure.

Web banners can be bought on a tenancy basis for a 90 day or 180 day contract period basis, in the following website position; options are:

1. Web banners, in Horizontal Revolving Slide-Box available on several pages including the Web Pages: Home, News, Blog, Directory and Recruitment . As the main navigation page for the site, the homepage offers the highest profile advertisement positions. The numbers of the revolving web banners we will display are limited. Click-on the web banner in the slide box to go to your webpage.

2. Web banners, in Vertical Column position on Right-Hand side of WebPages.

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  3. Advertisement duration.

We will get back to you ASAP with a quotation for a 90 day or 180 day contract period basis (whichever you advise you require) and any other information you require.